Calling Sahasra Box Office Collection day 3

Calling Sahasra has enthralled the audience with its suspense and thrilling experience, Sudigali Sudheer's performance and the brilliant acting of the ensemble cast make this thriller a memorable one. As the release date of the film approaches, there is a lot of excitement and anticipation among the people, which makes it clear that Calling Sahasra Box Office Collection 2023 can also make a splash.

With hidden suspense, unexpected twists, and impressive characters in this story, we are eagerly waiting for December 1, 2023, when this cinematic gem will come in front of us and will enthrall us with its captivating storyline.

Calling Sahasra Box Office Collection list - 

Day 1 15 crore
Day 2 15 Crore
Day 3 18 crore (predict)
Day 4 Update Soon
Day 5 Update Soon
Day 6 Update Soon
Day 7 Update Soon
Day 8 Update Soon
Day 9 Update Soon

About Calling Sahasra 2023 - 

Calling Sahasra is a blockbuster thriller starring Sudigali Sudheer, which has left the audience in awe with its story. Sudigali Sudheer, who first shined on TV, after a stellar debut in the film Gaaladu, is back with another powerful thriller - Calling Sahasra. The release date of the film is December 1, 2023, and people are wondering whether Calling Sahasra will be an amazing cinematic experience.

The story of this suspenseful thriller revolves around the character of Ajay, who is surrounded by calls coming from an unknown number, in which a girl asks about Sahasra. Ajay, who has returned from America and has become a cyber security expert in a software company, has started receiving these mysterious calls after getting his new SIM card.

Calling Sahasra promises its audience a mix of suspense, unexpected twists, and interconnected lives of the characters which will keep people on the edge of their seats while watching, waiting for the mystery to unravel. In this film, Sudigali coming together with Sudheer's brother, Dollysha's stunning debut, and Spandana Palli's commendable performance makes for a memorable experience. But there is something wrong with the execution of the story, which could be better. Calling Sahasra

How to Watch Calling Sahasra  - 

To watch Calling Sahasra, you can go to your nearest film theatre. Here you get to watch the show every time, this show runs day time, Morning, Evening and Night Show, it runs 24 hours on the theatre.

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