JB Mauney Net Worth 2024: A Legend's Journey in Rodeo and Financial Success

JB Mauney is a rodeo legend who has mastered the art of bull riding. His story is a remarkable blend of determination, hard work, and extraordinary skills. JB Mauney has won the PBR World Finals twice in his career and has made his name immortal in the rodeo community with his exceptional riding style.

His career earnings and endorsements highlight his financial growth, placing him among the top athletes in rodeo. According to Wikipedia, after an accident in 2024, JB Mauney net worth has reached nearly $8 million, which was $7.4 million in 2023.

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JB Mauney Net Worth in 2024?

JB Mauney, a renowned name in the rodeo world, has impressed everyone with his bull riding skills and determination. His estimated net worth in 2024 has reached $8 million, a testament to his consistent performances and strong endorsements.

According to Wikipedia, Mauney has earned up to $7.4 million in his career, and his impact on the rodeo community will remain everlasting. His achievements and resilience have made him an inspiration, especially for aspiring bull riders.

JB Mauney Retired - 

When JB Mauney announced his retirement from his rodeo career, a new chapter in his journey began. He achieved numerous accolades during his bull riding era and always inspired his fans.

Now, he is dedicated to guiding new riders with his experiences and knowledge. His story is a shining example of determination and passion, which will always be remembered by rodeo enthusiasts.

JB Mauney's Wife - 

JB Mauney's wife is Samantha Lyne, whom he married in 2016. Samantha is an accomplished barrel racer and highly respected in the rodeo community.

They have two children, Jagger Briggs Mauney and Bella Mauney. His family has always stood by him, whether cheering at his events or supporting him during his injuries.

What is JB Mauney's Age, Height, and Weight?

He was born on January 9, 1987, and his height is 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm). His weight is approximately 140 pounds (64 kg). Mauney is known for his determination and skill.

He has won many titles in his career, and his name has become immortal in rodeo history. Mauney's story will continue to be a source of inspiration for young aspiring bull riders.

What Happened to JB Mauney?

JB Mauney has faced numerous injuries in his life. In 2023, he suffered a serious accident that resulted in a broken neck, ending his career. Following this, he announced his retirement. However, his impact on the rodeo world will always remain.

Through his hard work and determination, he took rodeo to new heights. Even today, his name is remembered as an inspiration.

Where Does JB Mauney Live Now?

JB Mauney currently lives in Mooresville, North Carolina. This place is perfect for him as it allows him to travel conveniently for training and events.

The peaceful environment of Mooresville provides him the opportunity to recover from injuries and spend quality time with his family. He lives in a charming farmhouse with his two children and wife.

The community there always supports him, which has become a source of motivation for him.


What is JB Mauney's net worth?

JB Mauney net worth in 2024 is $8 million.

Why did JB Mauney retire?

JB Mauney announced his retirement after an accident where he broke his neck.

What is JB Mauney doing now?

JB Mauney is currently involved in mentoring, endorsements, and exploring leadership roles in the rodeo community.

How much money has JB Mauney earned?

JB Mauney has earned between $7.4 million and $8 million in his career.

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